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Hell's Gate

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GAME IS CLOSED (March 23, 2010)
I see you're awake, Sunshine. Time to greet a new day and your new life.

You have been found guilty without chance of parole or recourse by the highest court of the land. You may think you have legal rights. You don't. You may think you get an appeal. It has been categorically denied. You may think you even deserve a phone call. No one wants to hear from a scumbag like you.

By now, I'm sure you've noticed the collar we've fitted you with. It makes all our lives easier. If you try to remove it, it'll blow your baby-fucking head off. Go ahead and try if you don't believe me.

Maybe you think you're innocent. Maybe you are. No one here gives a shit, least of all me. You're mine now, and never forget that you're here solely at my whim and for my entertainment.

Welcome to Hell's Gate, Sunshine. These walls will be your last living sight.
hells_gate_pen - Main Community. Posting access granted to character journals only. Third-person IC posts only.
hells_ooc - Hell's Gate OOC community. Posting access granted to character and personal journals. OOC posts only.
hells_boards Hell's Gate Bulletin Boards. Posting access granted to character journals only. First-person IC posts only. Please see the community for further information on posting.
hells_mods Hell's Gate Moderator Community. Posting AND viewing access granted to moderators only (including NPC moderators). Also includes private notes and extra details about the community we do not want the regular members knowing right away.

Rules and Information
General RulesPosting GuidelinesApplication Guidelines
Character Setup Guidelines SNMB (extra fun!)
General Shift/RP Information Day Shift Sequence of Events

OOC Reference
Contact List (F-locked)Character Application (ALWAYS OPEN!)
Taken CharactersFAQFriend AddNPC Mod Application

IC Reference
BestiaryRoom AssignmentsMaps

Grounds ChapelSupport Wing
Library Machine Shop and Infirmary
Moderators and Contributors
Main Moderator
Ozzy (ozzypoos)
AIM: ozzypoos81
Mod Email: mods.from.hell@gmail.com
The one who holds us all together. Duties include application review, overall plot planning, activity checks, shift changes, information page updating, SNMB selection and running, NPC coordination, addressing player concerns, and many other general organizational tasks.

NPC Mods
Ozzy (ozzypoos)
Nataku (chibi_nataku)
These people help us by working with the insane amount of NPCs in this game. They also may look up loot rolls and run their own plotlines. Interested in being an NPC mod as well? Why not apply today?

Other Contributers
Chelsea (cacodaemona) - Maps, monster sketches, assorted other sketches.
David (jaysummers) - Founder, former moderator, information pages
Eryn (eryncerise) - Current logo, modifications to profile layout, current LJ Layout
Katsu (katsudon) - Former moderator, information pages
Nick (direillithid) - Previous logo, original profile layout and text, previous LJ layout
People who have helped us with all sorts of other needed tasks, but aren't actually moderators.

Photograph used in logo banners is by Exothermic. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike License.