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clinically_nuts [userpic]
[Day 14] Cafeteria (Dinner Shift)
by clinically_nuts (clinically_nuts)
at February 23rd, 2010 (09:25 am)

Sephiroth trailed quietly into the cafeteria as the guards forced them from the gardens. His thoughts still lingered on Cloud's state of health, but he knew well what he had to do. Until the blonde's body had processed, he wouldn't let Cloud out of his sight. The night was quickly coming after all.

He kept Cloud within his line of sight while the other prisoners began moving around him and towards the food line. If he was to protect the blonde tonight, then he would need to keep his strength up. As much as he loathed to admit it, Sephiroth knew that he'd have to consume something to return his energy.

It didn't take long to stalk his way down towards the food line, and the few prisoners that were ahead of him seemed to almost shift nervously. The sight caused his lips to curve up at the thought, but Sephiroth ignored the desire to make comment as he pulled a bowl into his possession before making his way over to a table.


[Day 14] Dinner Shift
by Warden Johnston (hells_warden)
at February 23rd, 2010 (08:09 am)

[The speakers blast through the stillness of the garden as the Warden announces the end of their free time.]

Did you all have a nice and relaxing time? I would hate to think that any of you were getting stressed - it would hinder your recovery, after all.

Guards, take the prisoners to the cafeteria.

[A click followed, then silence.]

((MOD note: dinner tonight will be a watered down stew with more gravy than tough meat and soft chunks of vegetables.))

[Day 14] Garden (Free Shift)
by Shibuya Yuuri (mazoku_king)
at February 19th, 2010 (06:24 am)

There were still a few splotches of pain spotting here and there on the young Maou's face. Yuuri didn't even notice it, or wouldn't care even if he did, as his mind seemed to be completely absorbed within his thoughts. Sae... she was here and safe, and not only that, but she seemed to remember everything that had happened right up until her disappearance. He wanted to tell Armand about it all, but after getting to the Library for painting, Yuuri hadn't managed to find his good friend.

That, in itself, got the young Maou worrying. He'd been so worried about getting Wolfram down that he hadn't actually seen Armand since the day before. Armand had survived worse though, and he'd seen personally how well his friend could survive in the night time... but... what if something had happened because he hadn't been there?

The thought caused his chest to clench tightly as he walked out into the garden. Yet it wasn't until his senses were hit with the fresh scent of plants that Yuuri realised where they were. His eyes widened in horror as he caught sight of the garden, and the memories of the night before came rushing back.

"...Wolfram..." He muttered before taking off in a run to make sure that his buried friend was still safe and sound.


[Day 14] Free Shift
by Warden Johnston (hells_warden)
at February 19th, 2010 (06:12 am)

[The painting efforts for the library is interrupted by the wailing of the siren.]

I can see that you've done a decent job with this task. The sight of the new coat pleases me, and I think that now you lot deserve to be rewarded.

Guards, please escort our prisoners to the Garden.

[The warden's voice disappears as the speakers shut off.]

((MOD note: I apologise for the delay. Things got a little hectic for me.))

Cloud Strife [userpic]
[Day 14] Library (Duty Shift)
by Cloud Strife (some0nes_hero)
at January 31st, 2010 (12:09 pm)
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Standing out under the sun, Cloud had come to the conclusion that he needed to stop getting into trouble with the guards. He had taken on way too many injuries as of late to make his nights anywhere near productive. Oh yes, he healed grudgingly over time, but it was getting ridiculous how his injuries were starting to add up. Hell, they seemed to be making him a new uniform every day just to cover how many he lost over the course of the night.

He had spent his morning with doctors and nurses swarming, drugged and unhappy while his collar was removed in order to treat the dog bite wound to his neck. It was probably only a miracle that vital arteries and veins had been missed, and he could chalk up his survival because of the collar taking the blow. Luckily, a dent to the material didn't cause his head to be blown off, but that was seriously the last time he stopped to help another Traitor in need get back to their cells.

Being a hero just wasn't the way to be in a place like this. No wonder Sephiroth wandered around without too much injury.

Of course, now the sun beat down on his back, and his throat was bandaged up to absorb whatever junk was flowing from the puncture wounds. They had happily put his collar back on after hammering out the teeth dents, but it still felt like used second-hand material. The least they could have done was give him antibiotics that made him retch his guts out just to add to the misery of the evening.

Help a friend bury a body and take a bite to throat. He was getting tired of being full of holes.

Leaning on a roller paint brush, he stared at the wall they were supposed to be painting. He rested his temple on the wooden handle, only jerking a bit when other prisoners started to file over to grasp items to use for the duty shift. Uh... sedatives were not his friend right now.


[Day 14] Duty Shift
by Warden Johnston (hells_warden)
at January 31st, 2010 (07:22 am)

[The intercom switches on to sound the Warden's displeased voice.]

The walls of the Library are in need of a good coat of paint. Guards, escort our prisoners to the area.

[His voice abruptly cuts off as the speakers fall silent.]

((MOD note: All the prisoners will be painting the library a soft yellow colour. There will be paint brushes and rollers available for the prisoners to use as well.))

[Day 14] Cafeteria (Breakfast Shift)
by Shibuya Yuuri (mazoku_king)
at January 27th, 2010 (08:45 am)

Cloud hadn't been in his cell when he'd looked. The findings had left him with a feeling of unease as Yuuri eventually been dragged away from his cell block and towards the cafeteria. He'd lost sight of everyone else after they'd quickly buried Wolfram, and try as he might not to worry, Yuuri couldn't help but feel the feeling of fear tightening around his chest.

His friends had to be alright... right?

He stumbled lightly into the cafeteria, but food was the last thing on his mind as the sheer force of desperation began consuming his mind. He had to find the others... he needed to know that they were okay.

Pushing himself passed the other inmates, Yuuri's breath was coming out a little too quickly as he started his search.


[Day 14] Breakfast Shift
by Warden Johnston (hells_warden)
at January 27th, 2010 (08:31 am)

[The speakers crackle to life once more as the showers are interrupted by the Warden's voice.]

I believe it's time to get you all fed now that your stench has been clean. Guards, take the prisoners to the cafeteria.

[A click followed, then silence.]

[MOD note: breakfast today consists of flavorless pancakes with a pathetic amount of margarine melting on top. There are also some questionable hash browns on the side.]

Tassadar [userpic]
[Day 14] Coward's Wing Showers
by Tassadar (aiursfavoredson)
at January 24th, 2010 (08:17 am)

Tassadar had found it difficult to move his large form out of bed. The thin mattress had creaked beneath his movements, and without a second thought, the Protoss warrior began making his way towards the showers. His body ached from the canine bites, but he'd experienced far worse at the hands of the Zerg.

He stripped his large form from the yellow jumpsuit he wore, unmindful of the wounds his body had sustained, and continued to move deeper into the shower area. It didn't take long to notice the rather meek atmosphere that hung over the other prisoners in the shower area.

That was hardly a hopeful sensation that he was experiencing, and it only seemed to strengthen his resolve for escaping sooner rather than later. Once hope was erased, then those who ran this prison had truly won.


[Day 14] Wake Up Call
by Warden Johnston (hells_warden)
at January 24th, 2010 (08:07 am)

[The silence of the prison is ruined as the PA system clicks on.]

Good morning, prisoners. The doctors say that they were barely even needed last night - which pleases me greatly. Although some of you better learn to pick up the pace. Can't have those under my watch getting slow now, can we?

The prison's got a busy day ahead, so you'd be best not to get on the guard's bad side and be prompt to the showers, yes?

[The PA system clicks off as the noise of the cell doors opening sounded throughout the prison.]

(MOD note: All new prisoners, and those who died the previous night, need to post their introductory reply to this thread. If you need to have a guard to 'escort' your prisoner to the showers, then one will be provided. If not, then feel free to throw them into the shower post)

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